A crash course in Celebrity Cruises beverage packages!

So if you’ve followed my blogs in the past, met me on a ship, subscribe to my instagram, or even run into me on the street, chances are you know that drinks are very important to me. The 'drink package' aka Premium Beverage Packages on Celebrity Cruises is essential to our cruise budget. It is essential because we do drink throughout the day when we are on vacation but also because we enjoy lots of nonalcoholic drinks that Celebrity charges extra for such as sparkling water, regular bottled water, and specialty coffees. 

There are different types of beverage packages. One focuses only on soda, the other on non-alcoholic drinks, one for wine, and there are three for alcoholic drinks in general. 

The three alcoholic drink packages are broken down into “Standard” “Classic” and “Premium” 

If you choose the drink package as “perk” through one of Celebrity’s offers, then you are getting the Classic package. The classic package is good for any alcoholic drinks up to $9 per drink. Anything ABOVE this $9 you may order and you will simply pay the difference plus an 20% gratuity charge on the difference. Premium packages are up to $15 per drink. The same applies, that any drink you order above $15 per drink you simply pay the difference plus an 20% gratuity. The standard drink package is only up to $6 per drink which definitely limits your choices. Furthermore, the standard package DOES NOT allow you to pay the difference for a more expensive drink. If you were to order a more expensive drink with the standard package you’d be forced to pay for the entire cost of the drink plus a 20% gratuity. 

Personally, when we cruise we always make sure we have the premium drink package. We either choose the “GO BEST” option when booking (for more on this click here) or if we end up with the classic package we upgrade to the premium package. 

It is important to remember that many other cruise lines sell drink packages, but few are as comprehensive as Celebrity. Some lines will sell you an alcohol  package but bottled water for instance is extra. What we've really loved about the Celebrity package is the fact that the package is truly comprehensive. 

Upgrading your drink package

If you want to upgrade your drink package for the cruise you simply pay the difference between the per day cost of the package you have and the cost of the package you’re buying plus 18% gratuity. You can upgrade before the cruise or while one the cruise ship. 

Do I need to upgrade my drink package on day 1 while on the cruise? 

No you do not. You can wait a day or two, see what drink prices are at the bars and see if you need to upgrade based on your drinking habits. If you plan to have a lot of drinks at the Martini Bar then yes, we’d definitely recommend upgrading. 

Can I purchase a drink package while on the cruise?

Of course you can! You’ll see plenty of bartenders selling them as you walk onto the ship so you won’t need to go far. If you think you might not need the drink package then you can wait a day or two and see how your spending goes before you buy it. The package is purchased for the days of the cruise left, meaning if you buy it on day 2 of a 7 day cruise then you’ll be charged for 6 days instead of 7. 

Do both people in the cabin need to get the drink package?

Many cruise lines require this. Celebrity does not, with the exception of if you choose the drink package as a “perk” when booking then both guests must get it. However, if you are buying the package a la cart, then both do not need to purchase. However, if you think you can only purchase 1 and share it, then you’ll be in for a big surprise. This is not acceptable and is strictly enforced. If you do this you’ll be banned from using the drink package at all and you’ll have wasted all the money for it.