Celebrity Videos

Sometimes a photo can tell a thousand words but a video can bring you into the experience and help you live it! Below you'll find links that have categorized some videos from our travels. Or, feel free to click the link below to be taken directly to our YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date any on new videos we post! 

YouTube Channel

Room Tour Videos

Click here for videos of the rooms we've recently stayed in

Room Tours

Martini Bar Videos

Everyone loves a show at the Martini Bar! Well, check out some fun videos from all different Celebrity ships! 

Martini Bar Videos

Night Time / Entertainment

It's hard to capture video of entertainment when you're enjoying it so much you just want to...enjoy it! But, here are some videos of what we captured! 

Night time videos

Dinner Videos

Phones should be put away at dinner, but sometimes the show is just so good you want to capture it for your friends and family! 

Dinner Videos

Random Fun

Sometimes at the end of a cruise I just find a bunch of random fun videos I took. Well, these are them! 

Random videos!