Who are we?


My name is Paul and my partner is named Edward. We took our first Celebrity Cruise at the end of 2010 and then didn't take our second until 2013. We still don't know why we waited for so long. After our second cruise on Celebrity we fell in love with the brand, the crew, and cruising in general. 

Over the years we've followed Cruise Critic between cruises to help give us our "cruise fix" until our next cruise. One day I saw someone blogging "live" while they were on the ship. I thought it was pretty cool, so I decided to do it. After all the wonderful people on Cruise Critic helped us with questions in the past, helped us decide what cruises to book, and allowed us to live vicariously through them when we were not on a ship so we thought we should give back. 

On the 2017 President's Cruise on the Equinox I started a live blog and had over 50,000 viewers in an 8 day period. I was shocked that many people were interested. Many really enjoyed what I had to share with them and asked questions along the way about our trip, our recommendations on restaurants, drink package options, etc. Some asked where they could read previous blogs on our travels. 

After that cruise I decided to start this website. We do not work in the travel industry, we are not travel agents, and we have no association with Celebrity or their parent company RCCL. 

Our goal behind this site is simply to share our love for cruising, specifically on Celebrity. I've noticed many on Cruise Critic still have the same questions I did when I first started cruising. Many new cruisers want to make sure they make the right decisions so they can have the most out of their holiday.

We are very lucky in that we can cruise roughly 28 to 30 days a year. We're lucky we have the income to be able to afford it and the work schedules that allow that time away at our age. We realize that others are not so lucky. Others may only cruise once a year, once every couple years, or once in their life. Therefore, as I'm writing and putting together this site I want to impart information that helps make your next cruise a wonderful and successful experience weather it is your first cruise or one of many.

Thank you so much for following along our journey and patronizing two people who love to cruise on Celebrity Cruises.

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