Getting on the Ship!


Embarkation Time!

It is time to join the ship! You will first do a couple things before you can board.

1) Go through security. Make you have your express boarding docs printed and ready along with your passport!

2) Check in - You must check in at the dock to receive your sea pass card along with having your photo taken so it is in the system. 

3) You may have to wait to board the ship, it all depends on what time you get to the port. With most cruises boarding starts at 11am, but this can very depending on the port and destination. 

What do we do with luggage?

We always drop our luggage with the porters at the port. Celebrity allows you to order luggage tags that will have your stateroom number on it. All you need to do is attach these tags to your bag and leave the bags with the porters at the pier. Make sure to tip your porter!!! You want all those bags arriving quickly!

Carry On Luggage - We always carry on our medication and laptops / iPads. We typically both bring on a duffle. 

Also, you may want to relax by the pool so if this is you then bring a change of clothes in your carryon. 

Can we go directly to our rooms?

No, unfortunately the rooms are not ready if you board as soon as boarding is allowed. If boarding starts at 11am, rooms are typically ready by 1pm to 1:30pm. At this time an announcement would be made over the ships PA letting you know the rooms are ready. 

What should we expect when getting on the ship?

1) A glass of bubbly. It's not the best bubbly, but I always take it as it is a tradition to start my cruise with it.

2) A made dash for the buffet. If you are in a Concierge Cabin you can go to the Embarkation Lunch in the Main Dining Room. Do that! If you're in a suite you can have lunch in Luminae. Do that! If you're anyone else you'll just have to put up with the lines in the buffet or you can try out the Mast Grill or Sushi on 5 or The Porch for lunch. 

What are the first things we do?

We know the ships already so we don't need to "explore" to find out where things are. If you are new to Celebrity or to the ship you're on then I recommend exploring! Walk around and get yourself acquainted with the ship. 

Personally we look around to see if we know any of the staff and crew. Then we of course get a drink!

If you are looking to upgrade or purchase a drink package we typically do this with the first bar we go to or at a bar we know we're going to frequent. 

If we are buying any specialty dining packages or making reservations for specialty dining we typically also take care of this right away. As you board the ship you'll see people from specialty dining and for beverage questions. They can answer any questions you have, assist with purchasing, and make reservations for you. 

Time to go home



No one likes leaving a ship, it is always a slightly depressing time. However, it has to be done! Read below some basic information about what it takes to leave the cruise ship to go home. 

Luggage Tags

You'll receive luggage tags usually two days or so before the end of the cruise. Do you remember when Celebrity had you fill out information on-line about your flights? That is how Celebrity determines what tags to give you so those with earlier flights can leave the ship first and go through customs first. 

If you need to make changes to the time you leave no worries. Just go down to guest relations and talk to them. If you're in a suite just phone your butler. 

The night before you leave you'll be asked to have your luggage placed outside your room door with luggage tags on by 10pm. The next time you'll see your luggage will be in port before going through customs. 

What time do we need to be up in the morning?

This can vary by cruise, but most are the same. Typically you need to be out of your cabin by 8am. We've pushed this before and left later, but the cleaning staff has A LOT of work to do so help them out and leave early. If you're not departing until a later time, lets say 8:30 or 9:00am, you can wait in the common areas of the ship. 

Suite guests can typically wait in Michael's Club. Elite guests typically have an area on the ship where they can wait as well and have some coffee, pastries, etc. 

What if we owe money?

If you owe any money you won't be allowed to leave! Literally, you'll be stopped upon exiting when they scan your card. If for any reason you have an unpaid bill visit guest relations. Try and do this the day before last so you're not waiting in line at 9am on debarkation day! 


You'll need to go through customs. Depending on the port this could be quick and easy or long. It all depends on the day of the week and how many other ships are in port. Make sure you have your passport with you and all your luggage before you join the customs line. 

Leaving the port

There are always cabs outside the port. However, depending on the port you'll want to check to make sure it is not a very long walk to get to the cabs. Some ports you may have a long walk so if that is too much for you, you may want to book a transfer to the airport or city center with Celebrity. 

However, with most ports (including Miami and FLL) you'll see a cab line as soon as you exit. 

Celebrity transfers to the airport is also an option. They can be booked while on board, but be sure to book them at least a couple days in advance of leaving the ship.