Our Stories from Celebrity

Travel is about people

Edward and I have many great photos of beautiful sunsets, gorgeous landscapes, and incredible food. We remember that incredible pasta we had or that unique bottle of wine that never makes it out of Italy. However, it's the person who served us the pasta and told us a story of her restaurant and the waiter that recommended the wine that makes us smile. In all of our travels, whether for good or bad, it is typically the people who live on in our minds and make us want to go back and travel more. 

Below is my first volume of stories from our Celebrity Cruises. Some are good, some are funny, a couple are simply "interesting." This collection, albeit quite small, covers people we've met in the past 7 years of cruising on Celebrity from passengers to crew. You can click below to download or open on your mobile device. The purpose of us sharing these stories with you is to give you an insight into what lives on in our memories from our travels and what keeps us coming back. 

Keep checking back as Volume 2 will be posted soon. Volume 2 will focus on advice we've received from people we've cruised with and lessons we've learned from passengers and crew.