Dining Information


Main Dining Room (MDR)

What times is the MDR open? When are the main seatings? Can I eat at anytime during dinner? Find out this and more! 

Ocean View Cafe & The Mast Grill

Both these venues are extremely popular. Find out our thoughts on the food, the right times to visit, and what to avoid!

Specialty Restaurants

From Sushi on 5 to Murano new and seasoned cruisers always have questions. We've eaten in them all many many times so click here to find out our thoughts on pricing, how to save money, our favorite dishes, and more!

Room Service

From breakfast to late night snacks because you drank a little too much, room service can be a great option. But, there MAY be a cost and there are some items better than others. Find out here!


This Aqua Class only restaurant is a favorite to many and many loyally only book Aqua Class. Here are our thoughts on the restaurant! 


Luminae is Celebrity's suite only restaurant and provides incredible service. But what is the menu like? Are there set dining times and can you order "off" the menu? Find out here!